Generating leverage for related
parties’ business growth, through
investing in companies that
generate the float.


Seeing macroeconomic growth in Africa to be a great investment opportunity, we aim to realize mutual accommodation of leverage for the business growth of related companies, including the companies we invest in, through investments limited solely to companies in the region that have established particularly high levels of competitive advantage (wide moat) and generate the float. We also expect to be able to achieve sustained yet discontinuous growth by overcoming, together with entrepreneurs, various barriers—not just temporarily but on a perpetual basis—through a buy-and-hold strategy orientation, instead of simply pursuing capital gains like venture capitals.

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Investment Policy

With the Float
We invest in companies that generally can be expected to continue to maintain the float (e.g., turnover funds, deposits, slow-moving funds, and life insurance policies)—that is, ones in which cash-out comes much later and deposits of customer funds are held over the long term—in industries such as banking, life insurance, and securities.
Building moats
We invest in companies that can be expected to maintain a wide moat—that is, high levels of competitive advantage over the long term.
Expectations for sustained, discontinuous growth
We invest in companies that can be expected to generate sustained, discontinuous growth, driven by factors including macroeconomic growth in Africa.

Shareholder Policies after Investment

Respecting and supporting the discretion of managers (entrepreneurs)
No matter how high the percentage of shares we hold, as a shareholder we respect the judgment of managers to the maximum extent and guarantee their ability to exercise their discretion. Besides, if managers face difficulties or problems, we stick with them by thinking together about solutions, remaining by their side as their strongest ally.
Buy-and-hold strategy orientation
Since we do not venture capital, instead of being oriented toward capital gains we refrain, in principle, from selling the stock of the companies we invest in. If it would be the right choice for the company invested in, we even will consider the option of refraining from an IPO and keeping its shares unlisted.
Contributing to business growth through assisting in investment from the float
We believe that the float of the companies we invest in should be invested appropriately instead of remaining dormant. Utilizing our many years of financial experience, we advise and represent the companies we invest in to enable appropriate investment of their float.

Investee companies

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About us

Company Information

Company name
Flmoat Inc.
Tao Yamamoto
Operating officer
Yo Murofushi
Grandir Ginza East Bldg. 5F, 1-8-2, Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Team Members

Tao Yamamoto

Tao Yamamoto

Chief Executive and
Investment Officer

Having started investing in stocks while still in elementary school, he went into business for himself while in middle school, chiefly taking advantage of his software development skills to develop software for clients, reflecting the dawn of the mobile Internet. In high school, he incorporated his owner-operator business to found SYG Inc. (now Tokiwa Shoji Corp.), specializing chiefly in software development under contract. Since then, he has been active as the manager of this company involved in over 20 businesses in Japan and around the world, through continually launching and investing in new businesses and engaging in mergers and acquisitions. With his strengths in the domains of IT, Web marketing, and finance, he has successfully launched from the zero level, subsidiaries that eventually generated billions of yen in annual turnover many times, through means including forming alliances among subsidiaries from different industries, establishing an e-tobacco (Vaping) business (including DR.VAPE from Rockvill Inc.) as a manufacturer, and launching web media businesses (Vera Inc., Hadato Inc., and Customlife Inc.). In the area of investments and M&As as well, he has repeatedly carried out successful acquisitions, post-merger integration (PMI) projects, and revitalization projects and has management experience in multiple businesses including international construction (with a company that has been sold), cosmetics (with a company that has been sold), and media (with a company that was sold to Aoyama Trading co. ltd). He continues to make the most of this wide range of experience in serving as an executive and advisor to multiple startups and SMEs today.

Yo Murofushi

Yo Murofushi

Operating officer /
Investment Executive Officer

Founder & CEO of And Africa Co., Ltd. He focuses on African startup eco-system creation by transforming Asian capital and technologies. He likes to communicate and support African entrepreneurs in terms of fundraising, client acquisition, mentoring, business skill transfer, etc. He lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with his family, and runs the delivery service with IoT locker, “ECD (Easy Collect & Drop)” there. He also invests in African startups personally and supports Japanese investors in terms of sourcing, Due Diligence, Valuation, etc when they try to invest in African startups.
After 5-years’ work at major consulting firms like Deloitte as SCM/M&A consultant, he found And Africa to enhance African entrepreneurs and provide long-term opportunities for Japanese investors.